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Chachoengsao, or as we know it "Muang Riwet", a tourist town near Bangkok That still infuses the natural way of life in the midst of the Bangpakong River That is like a large blood vessel That is responsible for maintaining these lifestyles Also with many interesting attractions, easy to travel, convenient to travel Both temples Natural attraction And history

Sothon Wararam Worawihan Temple
Important temple of Chachoengsao province Is an enshrined Buddha image that is invaluable to "Luang Pho Sothon", the Buddha image which is worshiped by the Eight Rites And foreigners come to town from the past Created by the craftsmen of Lan Chang It is believed that this Buddha image is very sacred. Inspires rich cereal plants without disease For the place where Luang Por Sothon is enshrined Will be open to visit only in the replica of the temple

Saman Rattanaram Temple
Saman Rattanaram Temple Or known among tourists "Phra Phikhanet Temple" is highlighted at Lord Ganesh Pang Nern Sook Suk. The body is pink. It is also the largest Ganesha in Thailand. Famous for its holiness When someone comes to ask for blessings, he will always be happy as he wishes. And under the base of the Ganesh It is a museum showing various Ganesha together with the general public renting Ganesha to worship at home.

Pak Nam Jolo Temple
Located along the Bang Pakong River, Bang Khla District, presumably built in the late Ayutthaya period Once when Taksin led the army through to hit Chanthaburi Appearing architectural identity, distinguished by the golden chapel after The pillar is a giant cement work. Bai Sema on the golden facade The stairway to the image of the Kochpaksa (the head is an elephant, the body is similar to a bird and Garuda)

Old Market, Khlong Suan 100 years
Classic market Located in 2 provinces (Samut Prakan - Chachoengsao), there are small wooden bridges across Khlong Prawet, Burirom as a boundary. No matter who visit here Must not miss the "Pa Pa Duck", whether it is a noodle, duck, stewed or stewed duck, can say one word that is really delicious Will be bakery There is a choice to be a souvenir. Back home.

New home market
The ancient market on the banks of the Bang Pakong River is over 100 years old, reflecting the way of life of people. With the old river community From before the reign of King Rama V, one thing that attracts tourists to come to experience the new home market, other than food, is that of houses. That shows the atmosphere of the past as well By being a plank that is built to be close to the waterfront And has remained completely original since that time Until being used as a place for filming movies and plays

Mini Murah Farm
Tourist milk buffalo farms and FARMMADE style restaurants have a lot of melting points that are ecotourism for learning the ways of life of people in the community. Make your own pizza, make ice cream, make cakes / pancakes, plant rice and cook food using dairy products. Amidst the rural atmosphere that can learn and experience various animals within the farm closely



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