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Chainat is considered a city in the central region that has a very old grill. But was originally called Phrae or Mueang San Established since the time of Sukhothai, there was still power in this area during the reign of Phaya Le Tai. Causing the decline and becoming a frontier city in the Ayutthaya period Before having to divide many times and become Chainat today

Chao Phraya Dam
Is located in Sapphaya district By the dam, this is the first large dam in Thailand. The dam has a length of 237.50 meters and is over 16.5 meters high, opened in 1957 by His Majesty King Rama IX and Her Majesty the Queen. Come open by Himself Making this dam a very natural beauty And during January of every year There will be tens of thousands of teal birds. The people come to live and live on the dams above Making it another attraction for tourists to visit Which counts here as a place to visit Chai Nat Province Which is like a landmark that comes to visit Chai Nat, must not miss to see the beauty of this place.

Fistula Bridge
is another place to visit in Chainat Province. Which is considered to be the Unseen ever, located at Hankha District This bridge was built in the style of the bridge of the Focal Bridge, which is strong and durable, and is an ancient way that we may not be able to see today. Making this tourist attraction get the attention of many tourists

The Chainat Bird Park
is considered the most important landmark in Chai Nat province. Which is located at the foot of the hill Built since the year 2526 on an area of more than 248 rai, which is a place to preserve for various bird species The local address of Chainat, which has a wide variety of species And here is the location of a large bird cage Which covers an area of more than 26 rai, which is considered the largest and largest bird cage in Asia

Wat Phra Borommathat Worawihan
Is located at Muang Chai Nat District Considered a temple that is old and very important of Chainat It is also an important historical place since the past. With an old pagoda that contained the relics Making it very sacred Which is the place for the ceremonial ceremony of the King of all kings When Ayutthaya was the capital In which the temple has a sacred Buddha pond With water coming out all the time

Chai Nat Muni National Museum
Considering who came to visit Chai Nat province, do not come to visit this museum as it does not come to Chainat. Because this is a place to store and collect antiques Found in many provinces of Chainat Province Which is the majority of the products that will belong to Phra Chai Nat Muni

Thammamun Worawihan Temple
It is another temple that has the old heart of Chai Nat since the past. With the assumption that Phra Maha Thammarat, the king of the Sukhothai dynasty Was created since the year 2120, located at the area of the Thammamul hillside on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. And bringing the area in front of this temple is considered sacred and used in royal ceremonies to hold the Sattaya water as well.


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