Nakhon Nayok

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Nakhon Nayok

Nakhon Nayok Is a province in the central region, presumably used to be an ancient city in the Dvaravati period There is evidence of the slope of the wall and the ridge Is in Dong Lueang Sub-district But the name of Nok Nok Yok is evident in the Ayutthaya period as an outpost in the east during the reign of King U Thong. Nakhon Nayok has entered in Prachin Buri district until the year 2445, the authorities have abandoned the tradition of having a ruler. And to have a governor's position instead, and during the period 1943-1946, Nakhon Nayok was transferred to Prachin Buri and Saraburi, then separated into independent provinces

Luang Por Pak Daeng Temple
Luang Por Pak Daeng Temple Considered to be one of the oldest temples in Nakhon Nayok Province Which is widely respected, is called "Luang Por Pak Daeng" Like this since birth Is strange The heart for those who have seen most Thriving business The matter that is not missed is asking for a lucky number.

Ganesha Park
Ganesha Park Is enshrined the idol Large Ganesha Within the park There is a large Lord Ganesha located near each other, considered to be another holy place of Thailand. That happened with the power of faith from the people Is a cultural attraction of Nakhon Nayok Province, besides having the largest Ganesha There are also 108 Ganesh museums to see and worship. Hermit statues of various black-tailed monkeys In addition, there is a relic from 9 countries to worship as a fortune.

Khun Dan Prakarnchon Dam

Khun Dan Prakarnchon Dam Formerly known as the Tha Dan Canal Dam, the longest compression concrete dam in Thailand and in the world is located at Ban Tha Dan, Hin Tang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nakhon Nayok Province. Is a dam with a beautiful view, suitable for relaxing and watching the scenery Built along the line His Majesty the King's initiative To store water during the rainy season in the dry season And control not to cause floods to houses of people Farmland and farmland in the rainy season By constructing the original Dan Dan Dam

Wang Takhrai Park
Wang Takhrai Park, located in Mueang District, is a resting place under the supervision of Chulabhorn-Pantip Boriphat Foundation. The interior is decorated with various flowers and various ornamental plants. During the rainy season and the casual October, there is a lot of rain. The valley in this area therefore has many large plants. Water streams are full of water. Sport rafting with rubber rafts or lifeboats have fun.

Tung Na Mui Bamboo Bridge
Located in Sarika amueng district, Nakhon Nayok province Is a picture of a 150-meter-long S bamboo bridge that stretches through the green fields about 2 rai in the midst of nature. The atmosphere is shady with green trees and big little mountains. Called as one of the new check-in locations of Nakhon Nayok that is currently popular with tourists.

Bamboo arch, Nakhon Nayok
Bamboo arch, Nakhon Nayok is located in Ban Phrik Subdistrict, Ban Na District, in front of Chulabhorn Temple, Wanaram. Is a natural bamboo tunnel That tilted towards each other between several meters of walkways Until becoming a beautiful green bamboo tunnel Even during the soft light of the sun shining down through the bamboo trees, even more beautiful, the bamboo arch has an atmosphere similar to the bamboo forest. Arashiyama in Japan is another tourist attraction that is popular with tourists. Portraits are a beautiful, relaxing spot after taking pictures. Don't forget to visit to make merit too.


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