Pathum Thani

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Pathum Thani

Pathum Thani is another province that has interesting tourist attractions.

The Chedi Hoi Temple
was built in 1995 by Phra Khru Soonthornthepada or the person who has the ability to build the monastery of the king. At present, Chedi Hoi should travel to follow the vision until he finds and intends to build the ground.
While digging the soil for the preservation of medicinal plants obtained from the excavation of many ruins and being built into the pagoda in front of the entrance and the large pagoda that has attracted people. All over There is also a museum that collects Buddha images, artifacts, ancient artifacts that are displayed in the most diverse ancient forms in the world and more.

Wat Bot
Wat Bot or Wat Luang Pho To Ong Yai Is a temple that has been defined by many tourists Because there is a large statue of Somdej Phutthacharn (To Phromsang) enshrined Make people come to worship Many worship
The temple was built in 1621 by the Mon people who emigrated from Hongsawee town, originally an ancient temple of the Ayutthaya period. Is a temple with a sacred Buddha image, which is Luang Pho Lue, which is considered a royal monk of the city of Pathum Thani.

Rangsit Nakhon Floating Market
Talking about Pathum Thani, however, must think of Rangsit boat noodles and of course, talking about boat noodles, must go here Rangsit Floating Market Another attraction of Rangsit people If talking about boat noodles, must come to this Rangsit Floating Market. Which is located at the Rangsit Klong 1 Canal, Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road Which will be a raft to be arranged together in the Rangsit canal Within the floating market will have both Rangsit Boat Noodle The most delicious name that many people look for Including OTOP products From communities in Rangsit Municipality And exhibition History The way of life of the community along the Rangsit Canal, Prayunsak

Wat Sing
Wat Sing, the old temple with a Buddha image, Luang Pho To Built in the Ayutthaya period, it is popular with the worship of people. In addition, there is a Buddha image in the temple. Along with 3 other U Thong monks built about 300 years ago Here is another place to study the history of archeology.
In addition, on the cloister of the temple, there is a museum to collect old things, such as Tum Sam Khok. In front of the temple, there are excavations to discover ancient monuments, pottery jars. Evidence of setting up the Mon community in the first period With three cocoons, the largest container produced by this stove It can be said that this temple has the knowledge of the history of archeology at the same time.

Rift 100 years market
The 100-year-old Rift Market is located in an old community along the Rift Canal. The house is a row of old wooden houses over 100 years old. The cozy atmosphere is characterized by an antique grocery store. Along with the old restaurant that serves but delicious food such as Pae Phochana, Akong Miang Kham Ikqi Shop Ancient noodles, Ta Phong etc.
Location: Tambon Rahaeng, Lat Lum Kaeo District Pathum Thani Province
Opening-closing time: Shops will be opened only Saturday-Sunday.


 Panya Nantaram Temple
Panya Nantaram Temple Founded by Phra Phrom Mangkalajan (Spinning Pudmutta) or as we know it is Luang Pho Panyanantaphiku Is a temple that Buddhists respect. With a simple practice There are reasons and consequences according to Buddhism principles. The teachings of Luang Por Panyanantaphiku can be applied to real life. With religious missionary activities By focusing on education Dharma training And propagating Dharma Enable Buddhists to participate throughout the year The atmosphere in the temple is quiet. On the day of the Lord Buddha, there were merit making offerings under the shady trees Suitable for making merit with family There are Buddhajaya replicas to visit.




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