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Ayutthaya is an old city with a lot of history. For tourists to experience another charming corner of Ayutthaya

Phanan Choeng Worawihan Temple
It is a temple at Lord Sai Nam Phueng built in the year 1867, when the royal funeral of Phra Nang Phra Luang Pho To is a stucco Buddha statue, the largest size in Thailand, 20.17 meters wide, 19 meters high, King Rama VI. To renovate the whole body Ready to give the name "Phra Buddha Trai Ratana Raum", Luang Pho To, enshrined in a square-shaped temple inside with large round pillars At the head of the statue of the cement is a lotus leaf called the lotus group

Wat Yai Chaimongkon
Wat Yai Chaimongkon Assumed that when 1900, U-Thong Lord built the Pa Kaew Temple directly at the cremation ceremony. Chao Kaew Chao Tai In the construction of Wat Pa Kaeo, he built a pagoda with the temple. Later, in 2135, King Naresuan the Great He added a large and higher pagoda together with Built the Chedi Yuthheetee at Nong Sarai, Suphan Buri Province Royal name given to the new temple, Chai Mongkol Temple, later renamed to Big Chaimongkol Temple

Wang Chang, Ayutthaya
Wang Chang, Ayutthaya and Paniad, formerly known as Ayutthaya Elephant Camp, and Paniadat, are located along Pa Ton Road, Pratuchai Subdistrict. Must not miss to visit here Especially elephant watching and elephant riding Which will have a route to choose according to near-far If going on Saturday - Sunday Or public holidays Will be able to watch the show of the elephant's ability and music And supplemented with the activities of the elephant belly To be a fortune for visitors It is a very exciting activity.

Wat Mahathat
Mahathat Temple built in the reign of King Rama V in 1927. The architecture of Phra Mahathat (Prang) is the first of the Ayutthaya period. Which has the influence of Khmer The ground floor is constructed of laterite. But the new reinforcement is currently a brick mortar Prasat Thong Reconstructed the Prang by By adding higher But at this moment, the top was broken down to only the porch floor. In 2499, the Fine Arts Department dug up this pagoda. Get many antique items The important thing is the stone casket inside. There are 7 layers of stupa, divided into silver, silver, otter, black wood, red moon, garnet and gold

Wat Phra Si Sanphet
Wat Phra Si Sanphet At present, the obvious part Is the part of the three pagodas that contain the three kings of Ayutthaya kings Which if coming from the temple of Mongkhon Bophit The right-hand chedi will be the place of the King's relics, King Rama III and the left, King Ramathibodi 2, Phra Sri Sanphet Temple, which is used to perform various important ceremonies of the country. Therefore is a temple in the palace area without monks living in the temple

Chaiwatthanaram Temple
Phra Prasat Thong Please make it to be built in 2173 to give the royal charity to the mother and to remember the event that he had reigned. Is currently a deserted temple The remaining structures are Phra Prang Si Rattana Mahathat. And the pagoda lined up by the Phra Por Kradai around Phra Prang Another important thing is This temple is the burial place of Prince Thammathibet. The poet of the late Ayutthaya period and the Prince of Sangwal, who had to be punished by death until the death of King Borom Koos



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