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Visit Phichit, Chalawan city, the old province full of history. Don't miss the important attractions in Phichit that will make you more fun.

Tha Luang Temple
Is an ancient temple that is celebrated in Phichit, a hundred years old Which is enshrined "Luang Pho Phet" Buddha statue Chiang Saen art that is more than 800 years old, which is cast by bronze And has a beautiful Buddhist style beyond description The monk has a lap of 1.40 meters wide and 1.60 meters high. According to history, Phra Phichit, the ruler of the city, wanted to have the principal Buddha image enshrined in Phichit. When the army of Ayutthaya traveled through the city to defeat the revolt of Chom Thong, Chiang Mai city Phra Phichit then asked the commander that if he had conquered the revolt Asked to find a Buddha image When he finished the battle The commander then took the Buddha statue of Luang Pho Phet. Descend to ping through the Ping River By depositing the city of Kamphaeng Phet After that, he had a royal ceremony, enshrined at the temple of Nakhon Chum before. And then moved to enshrine at the temple of Wat Tha Luang. Mueang Phichit District Up until now

Swamp color
The greatness of Bueng Si Fai is not only the third largest water source in the country. With an area of approximately 5,000 rai only. If it is still being used as the first symbol of Phichit Province, the atmosphere around Si Fai swamp is peaceful and natural. Therefore becoming a place of recreation for one of the most important townspeople And no one would deny that the sunset in the lake of fires is an eye-catching beauty in the evening that is really impressive. In addition to the impressive sunset in the middle of the swamp, the color of the fire in the evening is impressive. There is also a Phaya Cha Daily statue. The crocodile statue in front of the swamp of Si Fai With a length of 38 meters, 6 meters wide and 5 meters high

Phichit Old Town Park
Highlights to see such as the City Pillar Shrine is a building divided into 2 levels. The top will be the location of the City Pillar Shrine. The lower part is the enshrined statue of Phraya Kotbong, which the villagers call "Father Pu", Wat Mahathat is an ancient brick building located in the center of Phichit old town. On the east side of the old Nan River Being registered as an important national historic site, do not miss the "Phra That Chedi" Chedi Song Laem Ka which has various types of amulet which has been illegally excavated.
Chala Lawan cave, touch the famous literature about Kra Thong The scripture of King Rama II can be found here, with a deep cave in the ground. In the front there is a statue of Krai Thong and the day that the province has built. There is a story that about 65 years ago, a monk of Angkor Chum, a candle-shaped temple, entered the cave. Until all the candles had not reached the bottom of the cave Therefore do not know how beautiful the interior of the cave is At present, the soil has collapsed and shallow And Sri Mala Is a soil like a small island in the moat outside the old wall There is a ditch around the island but shallow. Presumably was originally a fort Or one of the guard towers

   Khao Rup Chang Temple
Which is because the Ceylon style pagoda is located on the top of a hill with white stones stacked together looking like an elephant Therefore is the origin of the name of the temple that Khao Pho Chang Temple And when arriving Would like to invite you to exercise your legs Walk up to the 136-story tall Naga stairway to the top of the hill. You will see the view of Phichit city and Taphan Hin town clearly. Especially in the evening with golden light woven into the charm of Phichit To be beautiful again  

  Khajorn Farm (Ostrich Farm)
Located at Moo 2, Wang Ngio Subdistrict, Dong Charoen District, about 57 kilometers from Phichit town, to Taphan Hin District to Ban Khao Sai. And turn right onto Highway 11 for another 12 kilometers to Bang Mun Nak intersection - Nakhon Sawan Turn right along the same path as the gypsum mine, about 10 kilometers to Ban Khok Sanan-Ban Taling Chan Intersection. There will be a sparrow farm sign. Turn right into another 7 kilometers and turn left for another 3 kilometers
With the cuteness of the ostrich that has attracted a lot of attention from the little ones This is truly a tourist attraction for families. It is also the largest ostrich breeding area in Thailand.


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