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Phitsanulok, one of the provinces that is famous for its natural beauty Is a fascinating romantic land And can relax all year round

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park
In the past, this area was used as a stronghold of the Communist Party of Thailand (CPT). In the north, it is now a natural and historical tourist attraction. There are important historical sites such as the Museum of Warfare, Military Politics School, Water Turbine, Government Hospital, Multipurpose Yard, TTC Cemetery, Village Mass, etc. and natural tourist attractions such as Lan Hin Taek, Lan Hin Button, Pha Chu Thong, Rom Klao-Pharadon Waterfall, Si Phatcharin Waterfall, Tat Fa Waterfall and Pha Lat Waterfall

Phu Soi Dao National Park
Located within Pa Nam Pat National Reserved Forest Getting to Lan Son Dao Tourists will have to go through the hills, temples, minds, all 5 hills, including Khin Khat Khuen, Noen Prab Sian, Hillside Forest, Tiger Hill and Death Hill, one of the highlights that should not be missed for visiting Phu Soi Dao is to visit Thailand's largest grass field Beautiful On the pine slope of Phu Soi Dao Visitors can sleep at the tent to experience nature closely. Which tourists can bring their own tents or rent a tent from the park

Thung Salaeng Luang National Park
Large tourist attractions covering 2 provinces, Phitsanulok and Phetchabun Which tourist spots in Phetchabun province are natural pine forests and savanna grasslands With beautiful scenery and flowering plants And there are other important tourist attractions, such as Thung Nang Phaya, two pine forests interspersed with dry evergreen forest And deciduous forest Which, according to the pine branches, will find beautiful wild orchids such as crocodile orchids and ueang word Pak Kai, Wang Nam Yen rapids is a large stone rapids hundreds of meters long During each rapids, a large deep water palace Which is the place to discover freshwater jellyfish And is a breeding place for butterflies along many streams

Rafting, Kaeng Hai
Located at Kaeng Hai Reservoir, Nakhon Thai District, is a tourist attraction for tourists to travel to relax and see the beauty of nature. Including tourists also enjoy bamboo rafting With a motorboat towed Along with sitting to eat delicious food, soaking up the view surrounded by mountains, looking comfortable, suitable for being a vacation destination for everyone Suggest that if anyone wants to raft Let the phone book beforehand in the best place.

Chat Trakan Waterfall
Located in the national park of Chat Trakan National Park There are a total of 7 floors, each floor has different natural beauty, consisting of Maliwan, Kannika, Karaket, Eisai, Ket Mueang, Reverend and Evangelist. In addition, the park has other interesting attractions Also, such as red cliffs, Na Chan waterfall, Pha Kradan, Nam Mut cave and Ka cave. In addition, the park There are also accommodation for tourists who want to stay overnight as well.

Kaeng Song Waterfall
Located in Wang Thong District Most tourists prefer to visit during the winter-summer season. Because you will see the stream of Kaeng Song Waterfall flowing comfortably, but during the rainy season, it may not be suitable for playing in the water. Because the flow is quite strong You will enjoy the view of Houses located along the waterfall Which comes with a suspension bridge to walk to see the Kek River Including being able to jump to The opposite village is also not far from Kaeng Song Waterfall.



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