Samut Songkhram

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Samut Songkhram

Samut Songkhram province, Mae Klong town, land, clams, tubes and delicious mackerel

Amphawa water market
The most popular tour of Samut Songkhram, which is not a stop, is Amphawa water market It is a bustling market with tourists who come to taste delicious food along the canal. But the charm is that there are boats selling food too. Enjoy a variety of Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Somtum, Noodle, Seafood and Thai Desserts. Stroll. In the evening, cruise to see Himmang Recommended to go to Don

Hoi Lamp Samut Songkhram province is reputed to be a town of snails. Therefore do not miss going to visit Don Hoi Lamp Shoals that are located in Pak Nam Mae Klong Caused by the sedimentation of sandy soil or the villagers called sand-scraps. By sediment from the estuary and sediments from the sea, forming a vast territory Until the shoals There are many species of shellfish living here. But with the most shells Therefore is the origin of the name Don Hoi Lamp The right time to travel is March - May The water level will decrease for longer than other periods. Can rent a boat to see Don Hoi Lamp Or try to catch the shellfish tube by yourself, it's not fun May - October. There will be a lot of fireflies. Amphawa water market

Bang Kung Temple
Bang Kung Temple is an old temple in the Ayutthaya period. Interesting and outstanding of Bang Kung Temple is Prodigy Church The old church, which is covered with large roots, Pho Sai and Krang, which is a miracle that keeps the church alive, is an unseen of Samut Songkhram The church's gable has a flora pattern. Decorated with a cup which is a characteristic of the late Ayutthaya period Inside the chapel enshrined a large Buddha image. Villagers called Luang Pho Noi Noi Or Luang Pho Dam There are many worshipers.

The temple of Mae Phra was born.
See the beauty of Mae Phra temple. The large white church, which features the Gothic architecture of France. The interior consists of stained glass images. On the wall is the story of Mary Chastity from the Bible. And there are images of saints, women, statues of the pulpit, sermons, baptism, carvings, lectures, tales, biblical history It is a beautiful and ancient temple that is ripe for Catholics in Thailand. Visitors should contact the responsible pastor in advance. Tel. 0 3476 0347. In addition, dress modestly.

Umbrella market
The famous market is located at Mae Klong Railway Station. Is an unusual railway market Because there will be a set of shops selling the rails on the two sides of the train To allow the train to pass Suitable for the name of the umbrella market The train that passes through this market is a short train. From Mahachai Station to Mae Klong Station Anyone who wants to take a train to watch can do it. Besides being strange and unique This market also has delicious food that should not be missed. Do not forget to choose to buy a trustee back home.

Rama 2 Park
Another tourist attraction, do not miss R. 2 Park or Phra Borommarajanusorn Park. Phra Somdej Phra Buddha Loet La Napalai Inside, there are 5 Thai houses which are used as a museum of the King Rama V Buddha. Divided into various parts Showing antiques art in the Rattanakosin period That reflects the well-being, livelihood and arts and culture of Thai people in the past There is also an outdoor theater. Garden in the literature Is a Thai atmosphere That should be touched once

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