Sing Buri

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Sing Buri

Sing Buri has both restaurants, coffee shops, beautiful temples and there is also Ban Rachan market for shopping. Looking for something to eat or going to see the rice field view all over the city.

Phikun Thong Temple
Pay homage to the famous temple of the province that is famous from Luang Pho Phae, the famous monk who is respected by the villagers. Until becoming a tourist attraction that must come to pay homage to the Buddha's blessing For prosperity

Talat Thai Retro House Ban Rachan
The brave hero of Bang Rachan This is a market that combines delicious food. Or whether it is a souvenir The market atmosphere is retro. The entrance to the market was built as a fortress of Rachan village made of wood. Let us look back to the old era of Ban Rachan. The market is located within Wat Pho Kao Ton. Amphur Khai Bang Rachan

Na Pha That Temple
About 1.5 kilometers away from Wat Phra Non Chakkrasi. It is assumed that this area is the location of the old Sing Buri city. The important thing of this temple is the Phra Prang, about 8 meters high.

 Wat Phra Non Chakkrasi Worawihan
This Reclining Buddha Is the largest and longest Buddha image in the country Built for a long time, old until unknown Clearly, what is the history? Most of the stories are told in the melody of the novel. Similar to Phra Pathom Chedi, for example, said that Singha Phahu was the creator. But no one knows who God is. What city does the city occupy in any era, presumably built before the establishment of Ayutthaya The King turned his head to the east, 3 lines, 3 wahs, 2 cubits, 1 creep, 7 inches.

 Garden house, Mae La Kaeng
Restaurant in the middle of the garden and rice fields The menu introduces snakehead fish, donkey fish or other fish-made menus. The famous city of Sing Buri

Little River Incense
Local holy land, brave people Sing Buri has a valuable historical and archaeological site. Found many ancient kilns Have excavated the artifacts Especially pottery, important evidence that indicates In the past, this area is a community where people live. And widely engaged in making pottery




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