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Sukhothai is one of the many ancient and interesting tourist provinces.

Wat Si Chum
Wat Si Chum, located in Sukhothai Historical Park, is a place of worship of the Buddha image of Marait, which has been known since the reign of King Naresuan. With a soldier by letting a soldier one year up the stairs to the back of the Lord Buddha and speaking to the soldiers who have to go to be like the source of the Buddha's speech. " Which friends can see the beauty of this temple and pay homage to the blessing

Phra Phai Luang Temple
Wat Phra Phai is an important temple in the art of stucco by Phra Prang 3, built with laterite as the same art as Khmer art across the temple area. There is a reclining Buddha image that has been ruined. Revenues with pillars are archaeological sites in many temples, such as 5 temples, Pang Leela Buddha statue. Going back to see the greatness of the temple founded before the Sukhothai Kingdom can go to Wat Phra Phai Luang.

Wat Mahathat is a temple that has a distinctive moat surrounded by and there are various pagodas surrounded by more than 200 people. With the Phra Chedi Mahathat The lotus root or lotus bud shape is the president's pagoda. Set in an elegant setting and surrounded by 8 pagodas on the same base Which is the only art of Sukhothai In addition, there are many temples and monuments in the temple area for us to learn. The atmosphere in the temple is quite shady. Especially in the evening Will see the sunset view that is very beautiful

Chang Lom Temple
Chang Lom Temple is a temple surrounded by elephants. Because there is a stupa in the shape of a stupa, surrounded by stucco elephants The elephant is located on the base of the square of the square in all four directions. 37 anarchist philosophies that are justified as a sign of enlightenment The elephant body is more prominent than the stucco elephant at other temples. Is full of standing Separated from the wall Is taller than a real elephant And the front has a stucco lotus flower decorated with

Chedi Chet Thaeo Temple
Chedi Chet Thaeo Temple Opposite to Chang Lom Temple Is another temple that has pagodas according to Sukhothai art and the art of Srivijaya mixed Sukhothai There are important archaeological sites. The president of the lotus-shaped pagoda is behind the temple. There are 33 different pagodas, with a wall surrounded by another layer. In this regard, HRH Prince Damrong Rajanuphab He assumed that this temple was enshrined by the royal family of Sukhothai monks.

Thung Saliam
Thung Saliam is a small district in Sukhothai province. It is an ancient community that has a mix of historical and Lanna cultures. In this district there is still nature and fresh air. There is a field of green forest fields. Is a peaceful district Villagers are mostly farmers. Within the district, there are many attractions for us to visit, such as the Mae Tea Temple, which has a golden pagoda for us to visit. Phiphat Mongkhon Temple With 9 kilograms of heavy gold Buddha images enshrined, etc. is another district where friends Should visit the fresh air

Thung Talay Luang
Thung Talay Luang is characterized by a heart-shaped island, the heart of Sukhothai. Which originated from the concept of the Monkey Cheek Project In accordance with the royal initiative of King Rama IX in order to solve the problem of repeated floods and drought in Sukhothai province by dredging the area and digging the canal into a heart shape that is different from other places. To coll

Ramkhamhaeng National Park
Ramkhamhaeng National Park or Khao Luang It is a mountain that is 1,200 meters above sea level. The top of Phra Mae Ya, Phu Kha mountain peak and Narai mountain peak This is a paradise for nature trekkers and those who want to see the sea of mist. There is a nature study line for us to travel more than 3 kilometers to pass through many natural viewing points and then end at Hin Rang Waterfall. But if you want to watch the sunrise in the morning, go to Khao Phra Narai. Because it is the most beautiful sunrise and sunset viewing point ect water for the people to use Until becoming a chic tourist destination in Sukhothai


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