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Suphanburi Province Is another province near Bangkok And still worth a visit There are many places to visit. Can go on a trip without having to be bored, wanting to go on a mountain trip, there is a natural tourist attraction waiting to welcome Want to pay homage to the monks There are many notable temples. Or want to go past There are many historical sites.

Sam Chuk Market, Centennial Is the old market of Sam Chuk district Located in the community of Tha Chin River In the past, this place has been bustling because it is the center of the trade of people traveling by water. But when the road was built Water trade began to be significantly reduced. Leaving this market quiet for a while But with the cooperation of the people in the community, he awakened the market again. The villagers opened their old wooden houses, selling souvenirs and bustling things. There are many delicious food to go and taste. Those who like to eat say that they like it here. Because there are more than 50 food items to buy and eat

Wat Pa Lelai, Worawihan It is an important temple, one of the Thai temples, aged around 1,200 years, well known from Sapa, about Khun Chang Khun Phaen. Of Phra Sunthornwohan (Phu). At present, this temple is a royal monastery of the Worawihan type. One important thing in the temple is "Luang Pho To", a large statue of the Lelaian forest, over 23 meters high, located in a large temple. It is an ancient Buddha statue of Suphanburi. In addition, there are other interesting things, such as Luang Pho Nak, aged 800 years, murals, Phra Sihing, Luang Pho Tirir, Somdej Phra Naresuan Maharaj, Phra Khun Phaen - Pha Phaya Museum, Ban Khun Chang etc.

Heaven Dragon Park Is a must see attraction of Suphanburi The source of many beautiful and interesting Thai-Chinese art in the Heavenly Dragon Park, consisting of the shrine of Lak Muang, the Dragon Children Museum, Heaven Dragon Village. And the Buddhabucha Park (Phra Yule). What is outstanding is Dragon descendants museum Which is a large dragon-shaped building with a length of 135 meters, 35 meters high and 18 meters wide. As well as the history of Thai-Chinese people in Thailand And must not miss to go for a walk, shopping, light products within the heavenly dragon village Which created a beautiful old Chinese village with a 360-degree view tower to watch the beautiful city of Suphan Buri

Rom Mai Chai Nam Market, Phra Loi Temple, Cultural Road Suphanburi Province Is another Suphanburi tourist attraction that doesn't want to miss It is a lovely, cozy and shady community market located near the Phra Loi Temple community and the Tha Chin River. The distinctive feature of this market is the creation of kiosks selling products with natural materials in a chic style and also campaigning to use containers from natural materials as well. There are plenty of food items to choose from. Both savory and dessert Buy and sit and eat Because there are zones to sit and eat together In addition, there are activities and folk performances from children in the community to watch throughout.

Krasiao Dam Is the longest dam in Thailand with a length of 4,250 meters, 32.50 meters high, able to store water up to 240 million cubic meters In addition to having irrigation benefits This dam also has beautiful scenery. Surrounded by big mountains, fresh air, cool all year round Can come to relax and watch the sunset every day Or who wants to sleep on a raft with nature There is also a raft of villagers to serve.

Valley Circle Reservoir Or known as Pang Ung Suphan Buri Beautiful tourist attraction with mountains and reservoirs. The atmosphere is quiet. Located at Phu Nam Ron Subdistrict Dan Chang District Looks like a small reservoir Surrounded by mountains And lush green forest Cool weather all year round There is a space for a tent to be chilled out and there is a bamboo raft of communities that are jointly prepared to accommodate tourists Can cook But must help to maintain the area There is a bathroom service.



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