Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, a popular tourist town that everyone is aiming to visit. Because the city is overflowing with interesting historical stories Complete with abundant nature Beautiful cultural arts, historic sites and magnificent temples, etc.

Phra That Doi Suthep Temple
It is an ancient temple that is very sacred, one temple in Thailand. Which is important in historical terms Is a priceless temple that cannot be missed in the city to Chiang Mai The interior is enshrined by the Lord Mon Pagoda. Under the base of the pagoda, there is a relic of the Lord Buddha, which is considered to be a place of religious expression of the important Lanna Thai arts. Chiang Mai city for a long time The tourists can see the beauty of the pagoda along with the scenery. Around the city of Chiang Mai By walking up to 300 steps of Naga stairs to go to the temple Or choose to use the cable car to get to Doi Suthep as convenient

Wat Si Suphan
A magnificent temple built in the year 2043 in the reign of King Muang Kaew. The interior is enshrined in the Buddha's miracle (500 years of God). Originally, this chapel was very damaged. After creating a new temple, it is a silver chapel. With ancient Lanna architecture There is a brick structure, and there is a decorative pattern in all parts with aluminum and silver, with a three-dimensional engraved pattern with stories about Buddhist art, khon. Teachings in Buddhism History of temples and communities Can be called "The world's first silver and aluminum chapel" that can be visited Can take pictures Really beautiful

High Agricultural Research Station
It is the kingdom of Tiger Pagoda. Late December to early February, this place is full of Sakura. Thailand, or the tiger flower that blooms together, is considered a beautiful pink color throughout the area which is a heaven on earth that should not be missed when coming to Chiang Mai. Visitors can walk together to gather the cold atmosphere and take selfies with the Sakura of Thailand. Guaranteed to get beautiful pictures until friends are definitely jealous. In addition, the station also has areas for peach plums and coffee gardens that will be chilled or visited.

Thapae Walking Street
A great source of melting property that is open for sale. Ready for tourists to enjoy shopping and enjoy in various types of products such as handicrafts, jewelry, hand-woven fabrics, wood carvings, etc., can be said to shop with the full satisfaction of Phra Plokklao Road until reaching Ratchadamnoen Road, the only one If the belly can sing, try to taste the delicious food that has a lot of names, dazzled with rice, sesame, black sesame, pork, sausage, noodles, etc. Back to the belly Can't come

Ban Mae Kampong Community
A small village founded about 100 years ago. The majority of the population migrated from Doi Saket district. To enter the garden as a career And built houses near the river of the creek. In the past, there was one kind of flower that had yellow-red flowers depending on the river, called "Dokkampong", which was used as the name of the village called by the name of The flowers combined with the river are "Mae Kampong House" within the community has opened as an eco-tourism attraction. With homestay accommodation available In addition, there are many good things, such as the central water church (hydromassa), older than 100 years old, rare vegetation, Miang garden, coffee plantations, Doi Mon Lan, tea leaf pillow products, making bansi kwan, Performances of various arts and culture, etc. Visit the warm lifestyle and culture of this community. Guaranteed to be unforgettable

Balloon Adventure Thailand
Experience the ultimate adventure over the airspace on a huge balloon. You will be escorted up and down by the wind, set at a height of about 2,000 meters, which will take about 1 and a half hours to float. With a 360-degree panoramic view overlooking Chiang Mai city view And at the end you will be thrilled until the heart beats Because he didn't know where the balloon would stop With the last second thriller that the balloon can touch the ground. That breathed together Importantly, here, he gave away the certificate of courage to keep it. Remember too Not as scary as you think. Try before and then be attracted.



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