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Where to go to Nan Top questions when planning a trip to Nan The province that is embraced by the mountains And still have a touch of yesterday The important thing is that the way of life of the people is still simple, while the prosperity that comes to greet

Wat Phumin
Important temple of Nan Is located in Nan city for more than 400 years and has outstanding architecture Especially the Buddhist temple Which looks like the shape of Chaturaphuk The only place in Thailand Outside the entrance to the temple, there are 2 Naga statues, so it looks like this building is located on the back of the serpent. Interesting things inside the temple, Phumin Temple will have 1 baht each of the bank notes that the Thai government has printed in the picture of Phumin Temple during World War 2. The mural is called "Huap Taem", with the image of Grandfather Ya Ya. The image of the image is "The Whispering Love of the World". There is also a large Buddha image in all 4 directions. It is believed that the first round of rounds is observed. Which Buddha image smiles at us? most Then ask for blessings on that person

Phra That Chae Haeng Temple
Important places of Nan Located in Muang Tuod Subdistrict, Phu District, only 3.6 kilometers away from Wat Phumin. Aged over 600 years, built between 1969-1902 during the Chao Phraya period With the purpose of creating to contain the relics Assumed that the pagoda was influenced by Chedi Phra That Hariphunchai, Lamphun Province, Phra That is a bell-shaped pagoda. Around the body with Bueng Thongjang It is believed that Phra That Chae Haeng is the annual relics of the Year of the Rabbit. If he comes to pay homage to blessings, he will be a fortune for himself and his family.

Wat Ming Mueang
Located on Yantarakit Koson Road (Suriyaphong Road) in the middle of Nan city Away from Wat Phumin, only about 500 meters away and is also the location of "Nan City Pillar" which is located within Chaturaphum Pavilion In front of the temple, the temple is about 3 meters high. The base of the pillar is decorated with beautiful carved patterns. The top of the pillar is carved into a pattern. The temple is beautiful. With contemporary Lanna architectural design Which the Chiang Saen technicians were to make stucco designs to the exterior walls of the chapel Inside, there will be beautiful and beautiful murals to watch.

Wat Phra That Khao Noi
Public image corner in Nan province that tourists should not miss another point That is the viewpoint of Nan city from a high angle Cement courtyard behind the large Buddha statue at Phra That Khao Noi Temple Phra That is located on the top of Doi Khao Noi. Which is on the western side of Nan city This point of view, tourists will see the landscape of Nan. Which stretches far beyond the eye The more you get to watch the view before the sun is working Maybe you might be able to catch up with the beautiful atmosphere, the first light of the sun from behind the Buddha image. Until becoming one of the public image of Nan Province

Doi Samai daw , the hottest travel destination in Nan In the area of Si Nan National Park, Na Noi District is one of the most scenic spots in Nan Province. There is a courtyard area along the ridge. Suitable for relaxing to watch the stars. See the rising and falling sun in the same area. At night, you can see the lights from Noi district. Looks like earth And can still see the stars in the sky clearly and thoroughly. Nearby is the location of "Pha Hua Sing", a cliff shaped like a lion lying around facing east Can see the scenery 360 degrees. North, see Wiang Sa District The south sees a long vertical mountain range. The east, overlooking the cliff, the Nan River, the west, sees almost all Na Noi district.

Sao Din Na Noi (Horm Jom)
Tourist attractions, natural wonders, beautiful, not lost to other provinces Caused by erosion of soil erosion over 20 rai, located within Si Nan National Park There are steep cliffs, different shapes, some of which are pointed sticks. Some are round rounded bars The fun is that you can use your imagination to determine what you want to make. We can walk around the entire area. But have to make a little bit of thought that the air there is quite hot Because it is an open area But would like to guarantee the beauty will not be disappointed

Rock salt pond
Rock salt pond Located at Bo Kluea Tai Subdistrict Is a famous tourist attraction of Bo Kluea District and Nan Province Is a community that has salt ponds for many generations The villagers will scoop the brine from the underground pond and then flow along the bamboo tube rails. In order to bring the brine to a boil, leaving only salt tablets called "mountain salt" which the villagers would consume And fill in small bags for sale to tourists Which will also increase iodine Can be used to scrub and cook safely




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