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Phayao province is another province in the northern region with beautiful nature. There are many interesting attractions. And also a quiet city The villagers still live a simple life. Fresh air Causing both local people and visitors to fall in love with this small town

Kwan Phayao
Tourist attractions, which are unique in Phayao province, "Kwan" is the native language of Lanna, meaning large swamps or swamps. Which Kwan Phayao covers an area of up to 12,831 rai located in Mueang Phayao district Looks like a crescent moon, almost half a circle There is an average depth of about 1.5 meters. It is a basin that collects 18 different streams in the marsh. It is the source of over 50 species of fish. It has beautiful surrounding mountains. Around Kwan Phayao, trees are planted shady, beautiful, as a recreation place for the people of the city. As well as being a very beautiful tourist destination in Phayao Province

Phu Lanka Forest Park
In the late rainy season and winter in every year Phu Lanka Forest Park is quite popular with tourists. Also within the Phu Lanka Forest Park area there are many strange limestone mountains. Is the source of one of the most beautiful mist in Phayao In the morning the weather is cold all year round. In the winter, the atmosphere is very beautiful. Many white mist will float gently, surrounded by limestone mountains. And reflecting the golden light of the sun in the morning with the most magnificent, as well as the fresh air Fully inhale the lungs Add freshness to the body quite well.

Phu Sang National Park
Phu Sang National Park Covers the area of the Nam Ngao forest on the left side In Thoeng District Chiang Rai province Pee Nam Forest and Nam Yuan Forest and Lao Nam Forest in Chiang Kham District Phu Sang Subdistrict, Phayao Province has a total area of approximately 178,049.62 rai. Within the park there are complex mountain ranges. Has boundaries adjacent to the Lao People's Democratic Republic The overall forest condition is abundant. Is a mixed deciduous forest There are various kinds of plants. Along with many wildlife
Interesting tourist attractions here are "Phu Chom Dao", another beautiful sunrise spot in Phayao.

Mae Puem Forest National Park
Mae Puem Forest National Park Covers areas of up to 2 provinces, namely Chiang Rai and Phayao Most forest areas are mixed deciduous forest and deciduous forest. Full of trees, wildflowers and many wildlife Along with the Mae Puem Reservoir surrounded by mountains Which has a beautiful relaxing atmosphere Is a great place to relax

Wat Phra That Chom Thong
Located on Doi Chom Thong Close to Kwan Phayao About 3 kilometers away from Phayao town. Travelers can drive up to explore. Wat Phra That Chom Thong Which is a Lanna-style chedi that is more than 30 meters high, gracefully placed on a square base There are brightly illuminated brass colors. Villagers and tourists often come to pay homage to the blessing. There is a viewpoint which can see the beautiful views of Phayao.

Sri Lampham Temple
A royal monastery in the third grade Located in Phayao Municipality There is the largest Buddha image in Lanna Thai called "Lord Phra Luang". There is a lap size of 14 meters wide and 16 meters high. At present, it is a royal monk of Phayao province. And a priceless Buddha image, Lanna Kingdom In May, there will be an annual "Tradition to worship the Lord of the Eighth Peng". In the event, there will be many activities for tourists to have fun. And also products and local food for sale at affordable prices


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