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Phrae province is a province that many people overlook. Because it is the way to go to other popular provinces in the north, but few people know that Phrae is cute, not far from other cities of the north.

Wat Phra That Cho Hae, Phra Monastery is located on Cho Hae Road, Tambon Cho Hae, Amphoe Mueang Phrae. Considered a sacred sanctuary, spread widely And is the annual Phra That Temple of the birth of the calf year It is said that if Phrae had not come to worship Phra That Cho Hae, it was not like Phrae Province. In every year, there will be a ceremony to worship Phra That during the 9th day of the evening - up to 15 evening 4 months (around March) using the name of the event. "Phra That Cho Hae Wai Tradition Festival, Phrae Hae Tung Luang Festival"

Muang Phrae Khum Chao Luang Museum
Located on Khum Doem Road, Nai Wiang Subdistrict, Mueang Phrae District Is the architecture of the reign of King Rama V in the early period, which is shaped in a Thai architectural style, mixed with European or gingerbread style. Which was popular in those days A shingle roof called "Flake wood" with no gables as the roof of the house. The front of the building has a triangular shaped roof. And the water's eaves around the building are decorated with beautiful carved wooden carvings Which is a famous Chinese craftsman in those days In addition, there is a basement under the building that used to be a prison to detain prisoners. But now is a learning resource for students

"Forest goat, ghost town" Just heard the name, many people may feel scared. But this place is not as scary as the name of the town of Goat. Mueang Phrae District Is a miracle of nature Caused by the deposition of river sediments for millions of years, but when the rain water eroded, causing this area to form a beautiful strange shape. And can change continuously because rain and wind will erode throughout This place is not just a tourist attraction that is spectacular. But also an important geological learning source Which can travel to goat park, ghost town all year round

Temple of Heaven, built in Burmese architectural style The roofs are stacked together to form a teak monastery. Both the cathedral and the cloister show the exquisite craftsmanship on the ceiling and the pillars are decorated with stained glass, colorful in the temple. There are many important artifacts. Including Luang Pho San, which is a Buddha image that weave from bamboo before gilding Ivory Buddha statue that is Burmese art And the ivory scripture or the pagan scripture created by grinding ivory And compressed into thin sheets Write in red Inscription is Burmese alphabet

Khum Wong Buri, also known as "Pink House", was built in the year 1897 according to the idea of Mae Chao Bua Tha. The first child in the ruler of Phiriyathep Thepwong By assigning Luang Phong Phibun And Chao Sunanta Wong Buri, the granddaughter of Mae Chao Bua, is the owner of the building and supplying the craftsmen. Which has both Thai and Chinese people. Khong Wong Buri is a 2-storey building with a hip roof in Thai-European architectural style. There is a decorative pattern of gingerbread house. Which is a popular style in the reign of King Rama V, which is currently open to visitors with a 30 baht admission fee. Along with telling the history of places and stories About indoor items

Kad Kong Kao Walking Street
Come and walk, walk, walk, touch the way of the Phrae people on the walking street of Kad Kong Kao. Held every Saturday From three o'clock in the afternoon, the charm of this pedestrian street is where the villagers bring local souvenirs for sale. Whether food wooden furniture Household rice Both traditional and modern



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