Mae Hong Son

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Mae Hong Son

When referring to "Mae Hong Son", everyone wants to get to know. Because it is a city full of abundant natural resources Precious traditions and culture Including fascinating historical beauty There are also many tourist attractions like heaven on earth.

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu
Located on Doi Kong Mu in the west of Mae Hong Son town, formerly known as "Plai Doi Temple", is a sacred sanctuary of important importance. Consisting of 2 Mon Buddha Chedi, and Tai Yai Art Temple The elder pagoda was built in 1860 by booking to the Tai merchants, containing the relics of Phra Mahamok Kalana Thera. Which was brought from Burma While the younger brother was created by Phaya Singhanarat Raja The first ruler of Mae Hong Son The base of the Chedi is enshrined in Buddha images of various birthdays. It is a place of worship for Buddhists for a long time. Besides praying for blessings for prosperity Can also see the view of Mae Hong Son city at the highest angle It is a very beautiful picture.

Chong Kham Temple - Wat Jong Klang Temple
Wat Chong Kham "located in Nong Chong Kham Considered the first Buddhist monastery in Mae Hong Son Distinguished by the roof of the 9-storey castle-shaped temple, pay respect to Luang Pho To, the largest in Mae Hong Son. As well as requesting the blessing of Lord Sri Sakyamuni In addition, you can also see the murals in the 5-storey chedi roof temple and pay homage to the pagoda, the Mon art with the top-tiered decoration, stucco work, golden glittering eyes. When the time of the shadow fell on the water, Nong Jong Kham looked very beautiful. Which should not be missed to lift the camera to take this beautiful picture

Pang Ung
Received the nickname "Switzerland, Sam Mok" is another important tourist destination, if not considered to come to Mae Hong Son. "Pang Ung", full name "Pang Tong 2 Royal Project (Pang U D) "His Majesty the King's initiative And Queen Located on a hill high above average sea level, about 1,200 meters at Ban Ruam Thai under the supervision of the Forest Conservation Area Management Office 16 (Mae Sariang), Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation.
Formerly a hill tribe opium cultivation facility Later, it was developed according to Pang Ung garden theory until it became a "heaven on earth" rich with medicinal plants. Variety of colorful flowers in winter As well as two pine trees that grow along the Pang Tong Reservoir Which is considered a popular spot for tourists to capture impressive images Even when the sun shines through the mountains, it will add more beauty and romance.

Fish Cave National Park - Pha Mat Waterfall
The fish cave is located at the foot of the hill, with a large basin about 2 meters deep and 1.50 meters deep. And more importantly, there is a big blue-gray fish that swims to wait for thousands of bread. Can attract attention from tourists, both young and old This type of fish is called "thatch fish" or "fish kang". It is a fish with large scales. In the same family as carp And although there are many But no one dares to do harm Because it is believed that it is a fish If anyone is taken to eat, then it must fall.

Baan Rak Thai
Warm home atmosphere, formerly known as "Ban Mae O", Yunnan Chinese community. The descendants of the 93rd Brigade, who traveled a lot from southern China 10 years ago, now live together with the Tai Yai brothers and other Thai hill tribes. The atmosphere inside has a large water bath in the center of the village. And is surrounded by a one-story house that is roofed with Chinese-style banana leaves that have been converted into souvenir shops Some of the latter were converted into restaurants. Accommodation for tourists
In addition, the scenery of the mountains is spectacular. As well as enjoying the view of the terraced tea plantation. Ready to eat Yunnan Chinese specialties such as pork-mantou pork, thousand-year-old pig, stewed chicken, Chinese medicine, fresh tea leaves, Oolong tea, Jiaogulan tea, dew tea, mei flower tea and many other delicious items.

Tung Tong Bua, Doi Mae Loa
Is a field of lotus flowers, yellow, illuminated on the side of Highway 108, at the main kilometer 84, Mae Ho Sub-district Which is the location of the Hill Tribe Development and Relief Center It is also a tourist route. To head to the city of Mae Hong Son as well After passing through this area, you will be enchanted with the bright yellow lotus flower that blooms around 2 km long. But despite how beautiful it looks, this lotus flower field is often seen only as a passage. Because most tourists are heading into the city more than



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