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Lamphun, a small province in the north, where the story of history is not small in the area. But the greatest and oldest in the land of Lanna And has great potential in tourism in terms of art and culture And has tourist attractions including temples Old Pagoda Authentic Lanna art with exquisite patterns

Phra That Hariphunchai
Located in the heart of Lamphun city There are four sides surrounding the road. Is considered the annual relics of the year of the Rooster And is considered an important place in Lanna since ancient times Built in 1651 in the reign of King Arthit King Raman, ruler of Lamphun Although the body is not large, but created with a slim body And beautiful with the sparkling gold of Jangko that reflects the sunshine, driving the relics to stand out Among other temples, according to legend, 1,000 years ago, used to be the palace of God Sappasit. When he excavated the relics or the elements So please make the Lord Buddha relics until 500 years ago. In the reign of King Tilaprajarat, please make the relics of the same Buddha image as the present. In addition, the temple also has a museum that displays many art objects.

Phra Phutthabat Tak Tak Temple
This temple is an important place of Lamphun province. On the mountain behind the temple there is a pagoda building. Which is a blend of art from Phra That Doi Suthep and Phra Hariphunchai With a 469 Naga staircase connecting the pagoda on Mon Doi and Phra Bat Tak Pha temple at Choeng Doi At present, can bring the car up to the day of the eighth day of the eighth lunar month, which is the day of the fire of the Lord Buddha. The temple has a tradition of bathing Buddha images every year.

Mae Ping National Park
Mae Ping National Park There are areas covering Doi Tao District. Chiang Mai Province, Li District, Lamphun Province and Sam Ngao District, Tak Province, is a forest rich in natural resources, forests and wildlife. With a long stretch of mountains Dozens of large, small creeks flowing through the main stream, Mae Haad Creek, Mae Kor and beautiful natural scenery, especially the forest area, located on the left bank of the Northern Ping River, Bhumibol Dam Reservoir.

Cham Thawi Temple
Chamadevi Temple or the locals call it Ku Kut Temple, located in Moo 5, Cham Thawi Road, Mueang District, built around 1298 BC. The pagoda is a Buddhist temple in India. Each side has a statue of Buddha standing on the top floor, inside the pagoda containing the bones of Phra Nang Chamthevi, the first king of Hariphunchai. According to legend, Anantayot and Mahanotyot Her son, Cham Thanevi, was created. To contain the bones of Phra Nang in the year 1298. The original was wrapped in gold. Any time later, it is unclear. The broken pagoda is lost. The villagers therefore call it "Ku Kut" or the official name is called "Phra Chedi Suwan Jangkot". There are also Ratanajedi. Which is located to the right of the temple

Luang Phrabat Huai Tom Project Development Center
Tourism activities include agro-tourism Watch the demonstration of plant varieties such as mango, Nuan Kham, Mulberry, Doi Kam, Mafueang, Taiwan species, etc. Watch the pit and rabbit pig farming at Mae La House, Moo 17 and cultural tourism such as Phra Phutthabat Huai Tom Temple Which in the temple area has footprints Phra Bat Huai Tom Temple Museum Including the body of Mr. Kruba Chaichaya Wongsa, developed to visit and pay homage By visiting the temple to abstain from the meat water line into the temple area. There are also Phra Mahathat Chedi Si Wiang Chai Which is the annual relics of the birth of the year of the horse to visit Watch the ancient Karen lifestyle, the house of the water Traditional communities have built ancient houses without nails. With a simple living

Walking Street, Lamphun Province Held at the streets around the city in front of the gate of Nakhon Haripachai Inthayongyot, Muang District, Lamphun "Returning the way of life to the community Return the road to the pedestrian "Selling local products, hand-made products, delicious food, famous in the city of Lamphun. In addition to choosing to buy products, here is also the site of the old temple, practically the former governor of the former house, Phra That Temple, with cultural art performances in front of the museum as well. From about 15.00 hrs onwards


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