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"Krabi", the most popular province of tourists from all over the world. Don't have to say that Krabi has many tourist attractions. Both in history, culture, nature and adventure, it is desirable for all groups of tourists Therefore, it is not surprising that why Krabi has become a top tourist city. Because there are many places to visit in Krabi Today we would like to include friendly people who want to visit Krabi.

Emerald pool
Located in Khlong Thom District In the wild fishery sanctuary Which originated from the warm stream in the lowland plain The highlight is that tourists will appreciate the natural pool with large emerald-like green color. And there is a clear, clear view of the rock below View the scenery Including enjoying swimming and playing In the midst of large trees

One of the most famous attractions in Krabi. Which is derived from natural phenomena when water is reduced That will bring sand grains together here and reveal the long dunes connected between 3 islands, Chicken Island, Koh Mor and Tub Island. Tourists can walk and go between the islands. In the midst of beautiful water, clear sea of Krabi

Ao Nang
Is part of Nopparat Thara National Park And is one of the most famous beaches in Krabi Also because it is convenient to connect to various places, so many tourists visit to Ao Nang. Looks like a long sandy beach With beach road There is a mountain between the beaches. The scenery is beautiful. And is also the perfect place for a beautiful sunset

Room islands
Located in the Than Bokkhorani National Park, is a small island with very beautiful scenery. Surrounded by the blue sea There are coral and coral around the island. There are two beach coves adjacent to each other, separated by rocks in the middle of the crystal clear water, white sand beach with both shallow and deep coral reefs, suitable for diving, fishing, as well as beautiful nature trails.

Than Bokkhorani Waterfall
Located in Than Bokkhorani National Park There is a natural stream of water flowing down to the little big basin. Visitors can swim The atmosphere is shady and you can see the scenery of various roots that are beautiful in the pool.

Tiger cave Temple
Located about 5-6 kilometers from Krabi town, it is well known among both Thai and foreign tourists. Do not miss the worship of blessings from "Kuan Yin" which is enshrined within the temple High and outstanding Including the conquest of 1,200 steps to go to pay homage "Phra That Chedi, Big Bell" which is located on the hill And can see the scenery of Krabi around

Poda Islands
Located south of Ao Nang. About 8 kilometers from the shore is an island with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, the coast of the island, overlooking many coral reefs that are still perfect. Therefore is a tourist attraction for tourists to visit almost all year round And is a good fishing spot because it is not affected by the monsoon Can rent a boat from Ao Nang area To travel to this island easily

Ko Lanta
Consisting of Ko Lanta Yai And Ko Lanta Noi Distinguished by a long beach lined up to 13 beaches, complete with various accommodation styles, prices and tourists will also experience the charm of the peaceful community of Thai-Chinese people. Thai-Muslim Living together happily



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