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Chumphon, Gulf Coast Province Rich with many tourist attractions Many people have heard the reputation that Chumphon has a beautiful sea, white sand beach, but who knows that apart from the sea? Chumphon also has many cool tourist attractions.

Phra That Sawi
The old temple, invaluable in Chumphon province Inside there are important archaeological sites. "Phra That Sawi" contains the relics of the Lord Buddha in the pagoda. Sacred things that are worshiped by Chumphon people and people in nearby provinces The architecture of Phra That Saw is an inverted bell shape. Similar to Phra Borommathat, Nakhon Si Thammarat But different that is smaller At present, the Phra That has been renovated using tiles to cover the pagoda. But still the original style Along with creating a wall around the Lord Buddha Every year during the Songkran festival, there will be an annual Phra That Sawi blanket parade.

Chumphon Islands National Park
The reputation of Chumphon Sea is famous for its beauty. Suitable for tourists who like diving. Both shallow and deep water Because of the abundance of marine resources White sand beach Full of fish and coral By the interesting tourist attractions of the Chumphon Islands National Park, such as "Ko Ko", an island that tourists prefer to go snorkeling.
"Langkawi Island", Bird's Nest concession island With historical significance Because once in the reign of King Rama V, he had witnessed the collection of bird's nest at this island. And inscribed the royal monogram on the stone wall of the cave As evidence of the present there is also "The main island of rhinoceros" "Koh Ngam", "Coconut Island" including the study route of mangrove forests Allowing tourists to fully appreciate the nature and the sea of Chumphon

Kapo Waterfall Forest Park
Located within the Kapo Waterfall National Forest Reserve There is a small waterfall with water flowing all year round. "Kapo Waterfall" looks like a curved weir. Although it is a small waterfall But there is a cute charm that looks unique. Surrounded by shady forest gardens Perfect for a family vacation. And there is a summer pavilion and a place for tents To appease tourists who want to sleep overnight To soak up the beauty of nature

Thung Wua Laen Beach
Located at Moo 8, Saphli Sub-district, Pathio District, is a beach with fine white sand. Extending the longest eyes The beach is shallow, gradually sloping down gradually. Suitable for swimming Is popular with tourists On the south side of the beach is a mountain with many rocks.

Khao Matri View Point
Another interesting viewpoint of Chumphon Province That can see the Pak Nam Chumphon community and the beautiful Chumphon beach. Can say that this is the most beautiful view center of Chumphon. Because anyone who gets to the top of this mountain can see both the spectacular sea view See the way of life of the villagers Fisheries of Pak Nam Chumphon people, coconut plantations, rubber plantations, palm plantations, agricultural methods that are like the main veins that nourish the lives of Chumphon people from the past to the present. Plus the top viewpoint also has the Bodhisattva, Avalokitesvara Pang Maha Leela For the general public to pay homage to

Phakit Island
Located in the Thong Khrok Bay area Bang Nam Chuet Sub-district Originally, this island was named "Phuktak Island" because it had been used by fishermen to find boats to Koh Phitak. And meet with the shadows, people are beckoning But when he was near, he could not find anyone until he called the island that Phuktak Island
Tourists visiting this island can walk around the island. Conveniently view the scenery Also because of the quiet atmosphere of the island Making tourists attracted to visit the island for a small amount There are homestay accommodation available. And also doing fun activities with people in the community, such as learning the fishing lifestyle Eat fresh seafood, cruise, snorkel, see shallow coral reefs, etc. It is considered as a tourist island in Chumphon that is interesting.





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