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Trang Travel Variety of beauty Both at the beautiful beach and watching the many historical sites with historical stories Who plans to visit Trang? Come and see

Island board
One of the many beautiful islands of the Trang Sea The charm and beauty of Koh Kradan At the beach with white sand Fine like flour and clear water until seeing coral reefs Which stretches from the beach on the north to the back coast, with small bays and large waves blowing around Suitable for surfing The tourists can travel to Koh Kradan either by boat or by boat. Or can go on a tour package as convenient as

Koh Ngai
Located in Mu Ko Lanta National Park There are not many tourists. Enchanted by the beauty of this diamond Peaceful beach People are not crowded And nature is as beautiful as drawing Popular activities on Koh Ngai Saw the inevitable shallow dive Because the diving area is not far from the beach And not very deep as well By the best time to visit Koh Ngai Will be between December and May And there will be heavy rain from September to November.

Libong Island
The largest island in Trang province Is a source of conservation of rare animals such as dugongs With sea grass growing around the island. There is also a beautiful sandy beach with a large mountain to climb. Walk the nature of the forest. At the same time, tourists also experience the simple way of life of the villagers. Watch the sunrise and the sea with a romantic atmosphere. From November to April, there will be little rain, the sea doesn't have strong waves Therefore suitable for tourism

Emerald cave
Emerald Cave, also called Nam Nam Cave, is located in Koh Mook. The beauty of the Emerald Cave lies in the white sand beach, clean, clear water. Through the dark cave Through the curve Until penetrating into the inner cave A white sand beach With lush forest There is a hole to get light from above. And the ultimate miracle At the entrance of the cave where the sea is emerald green

Pak Meng Beach
Located at Mai Fad Sub-district In the care of Hat Chao Mai National Park Looks like a half-moon beach In a beautiful atmosphere, quiet, suitable for relaxation, playing in the water, listening to the waves Taste the freshest seafood, as well as another point for admiring the beautiful sunset.

Hat Chao Mai National Park
Is a park with many tourist attractions on the shore and in the sea But because of this national park In the influence zone of the southwest monsoon Causing the rainy season between July to September, with strong winds, therefore the annual tourism is closed. But for tourist attractions on the shore Can travel normally throughout the year Interesting tourist attractions include hot springs, Yong Ling beach - Had Yao beach, Koh Kradan, Ko Roi, Koh Waen and Pak Meng beach. (For more information, please contact Hat Chao Mai National Park, Tel 075 829 967)

Ride the frog car (Tuk Tuk), see the old town.
The unique car of Trang Vehicles to take tourists around the city Is another tourist attraction that will allow you to truly experience the atmosphere and way of life of Trang people. By visiting many interesting tourist spots Allowing tourists to travel and take many pictures Whether it is an old building district Stop by to taste delicious food That will make you have a fun and unique impression


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