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Khao Kong Buddha Park
Khao Kong National Park has an area of 142 rai, located at Lam Phu Subdistrict. From the city, take the Narathiwat-Ra-nae route. (Highway No. 4055), about 9 kilometers, will see Khao Kong Temple. And Thaksin Ming Mongkol, the golden Buddha image of the Buddha in the top of the mountain Is an art in South India. Started in the year 2509, completed in 2512, the Buddha statue is reinforced concrete, decorated with a golden mosaic, 17 meters wide, height of the temple from Phra Ket Buathum to the lotus under the foot of the 24 meters. Beautiful and the largest in the south

Pacho Waterfall
Located at Ban Pacho, Bacho Subdistrict, Bacho District, Narathiwat Province, is a large waterfall with water all year round. But in the dry season, the water is relatively low There is a height of about 60 meters, with a path up to the upper level, a total of 9 floors, which is the largest waterfall in the province and one of the beautiful southern regions. As part of the Budo-Su-ngai Padi National Park, there are areas covered in Bacho District, Yi-ngo District, Raeng District, Rueso District, Su-ngai Padi District, Chanae District, Waeng District, Narathiwat District, Raman District, Yala District and Kapho District. Pattani Province

Ao Manao Forest Park
HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Visited the people in Ban Bang Manao area, Moo 1, Kaluwo Nuea Subdistrict, Mueang District, Narathiwat Province His Majesty has initiated various improvements. Both economic, cultural education and tourism promotion Which later, the forestry office in Pattani area fulfilled the said initiative By surveying the area of Khao Tan Yong Forest National Special Forest Reserve In areas outside the royal palace area of Thaksin Rajaniwet Palace To establish a park With an area of approximately 720 rai and named "Ao Manao Forest Park" by the Royal Forest Department registered on 21 April 1993

Narathat Beach
Narathat Beach Is a clean white sand beach about 5 kilometers long, ending at the tip of the mouth of the Bang Nara River, which is used as a place to organize the annual boat race and held annually. Pine trees make the beach atmosphere more shady. Popular people come to relax here. Nearby, there is a fishing village scattered along the Bang Nara River. And the bay area has a lot of gorges and fishermen to park. It is about 1 kilometer from Narathiwat town along Sai Phichit Bamrung Road. Tourists can use the motorcycle service. Tricycle or small minibus from downtown Narathiwat to the easily accessible Narathiwat beach.

Wat Chon Thara Singhe (Phitak Land Temple, Thailand)
Is an old temple located in Moo 3, Chehe Subdistrict, Tak Bai District, from Tak Bai District Market intersection, about 100 meters left, when England was Malay as a city England tried to include Narathiwat in the Malay area, but the Thai side claimed that this city was Thai for a long time. By taking the Cholthara Singha Temple In Tak Bai District, which is a Thai temple, is an excuse England therefore allowed Narathiwat Included in the district of Thailand

Ton Village
Ton Village is a village located on the seaside. Is Ban Thon beach Which is a long, clean white beach And still being very natural The majority of the population is Muslim. Is a fishing village, the occupation of most villagers is fishing as the main occupation In addition, it also takes time to spare. Dit Art and Folk Crafts Such as boat making and simulating Weaving mats from Krajood leaves Which is currently Of famous souvenir products of Narathiwat Province It can be said that Kra Kood mats and cliff boats and is the symbol of Ban Ton. And a unique identity of Narathiwat Province



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