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Hat Mak Kha
Is about 43 kilometers away from the province. The word "Makkaw" is local Malay language (Yawi language) meaning " Fracas Located in Nam Bo Sub-district Located about 2 kilometers from Ratcharak Beach, the highlight of the beach is the beach with large granite rocks. Beautiful appearance On the hill there is a relaxing pavilion and is a beautiful viewpoint of one of Panare district.

Talo Kapor Beach Located away from the city of Pattani, along Highway No. 42 (Pattani-Narathiwat), turn left into Amphoe Yaring. Cross the Yamu Canal along the large concrete bridge. Through the mangrove garden area and the village to the entrance to the beach Total distance is about 18 kilometers. Talo Capor Beach is the famous beach of Pattani Province. Used to be a tourist attraction in the 5 southern border provinces, which can be categorized as 2 types of natural tourist attractions, year 1986. Talo Kapor Beach is a clean white sand beach parallel to the coast. There are a lot of boat and fishing boats. This sandy beach grew steadily. Because it is caused by currents blowing sand sediment to accumulate Suitable for sitting, relaxing, watching the beauty There are pine trees and coconut trees.

Chang Temple to Rat Buranaram Located at Ban Pa Rai, Thung Phala Subdistrict, Hat Yai Railway Line - Su-ngai Kolok Between Na Pradu Station and Pa Rai Station About 31 kilometers away from the city. Travel using Highway 42 (Pattani - Khok Pho) via the Na Ket Intersection. Go straight along the highway number 409 (Pattani - Yala) through the community of Na Pradu municipality and the vocational training center (Wat Chang Kae) to the junction to enter Chang Temple for another 700 meters. This temple is a very old temple built That 300 years ago, but did not know exactly who was the creator Inside the temple there is a statue of Luang Pu Thuat as the true body enshrined. In addition, the architecture of the stupa, the chedi, the mandapa, the chapel and the bell tower are very beautiful.

Pattani Central Mosque Located at Yarang Road Yarang-Pattani Route In the municipality of Pattani Which was built in the year 2497. It took about 9 years to build and opened the ceremony by Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat on May 25, 1963 to be a center for assembling The religion of Thai Muslims in the south Is a Western-style architecture that resembles the Taj Mahal of India. In the middle of the building there is a large dome and a four-sided dome. There are two towers. In front of the mosque there is a large rectangular pool. Inside the mosque is a hall. There are two balconies inside the inner hall with a tall and narrow throne.

Krue Se Mosque Located along the Pattani-Narathiwat Road or the National Highway 42 at Krue Se House. About 7 kilometers away from the city of Pattani. The construction of this mosque is a circular brick-brick form of art in the Middle East. The most important part is the domed roof, which has not yet been completed. This old mosque has a legend that the goddess Lim Ko had cursed him not to finish it. Nearby, there is a mausoleum or burial place of Chao Mae Lim Ko In. This mosque is presumed to be built during the reign of King Naresuan the Great. (2121-2136)


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