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Central Mosque of Yala Province
Located in Mueang District A large mosque in Yala Province This mosque was completed in 2527. It is a western architecture that combines the frame of the mosque in harmony. The front of the staircase is about 30 steps high, leading to the upper courtyard. The square roof has a large dome in the middle.

Than To Waterfall
Located at Tham Thalu Subdistrict, Than To District, away from Yala town along Yala-Betong Road (Highway 410), km 47-48. There is a right junction for about 1 km. From the high mountains There is a pool which can play water. Surrounded by shady forests There are many interesting plants including Sri Yala trees. Or yellow asoke Which will bloom the beautiful yellow bouquet around February of every year

Betong Hot Spring
Is one of the natural phenomena of Betong that has a fountain boiling up from the ground in the village. Tano Maera Sub-district Before reaching Betong District 5 kilometers on Highway 410, there is a right turn for another 8 kilometers at the point where the boiling water can boil cooked eggs within 7 minutes. There are mineral baths. Which is believed that the mineral water from the hot spring can relieve pain and cure skin diseases

Khuhaphimuk Temple (Khuhaphimuk Temple)
Also known as "Na Tham Temple" is one of the three important places of the southern region. As well as Phra Borommathat, Nakhon Si Thammarat And Phra Borommathat Chaiya in Surat Thani Showing the prosperity of Buddhism in this area since the Srivijaya Kingdom Located at Na Tham Subdistrict 8 kilometers from the city by using the route to Amphoe Yaha The shady temple area has a stream of water flowing through. The stairs up to the mouth of the cave are giant statues. The villagers call it "Chao Khao", built by local technicians in the year 1941. Inside the cave looks like a great hall. Adapted to be a place of worship There is a chimney at the ceiling of the cave when the sun shines down and looks very beautiful. Is a large reclining Buddha image Assumed that it was built in the year 1300 as the Reclining Buddha of Srivichai. With a length of 81 feet and 1 inch, believed to be the original Pang Narai Bantomsin Because there are pictures of Naga spread over the head Later, it was converted into a reclining Buddha image.

Bang Lang Dam
Closed at the first beautiful trip of Yala Who believe that one has to touch and be fascinated with "Bang Lang Dam", a large dam that is the first multi-purpose hydroelectric project in the south

Aiyue Weng Sea Viewpoint
The most beautiful mist of the sea Ayiyaweng Subdistrict, Betong District, Yala Province, in the area of his microwave is another 1 that is beautiful to come to Yala and wants to visit.




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