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Koh Phayam is considered a highlight point that anyone who comes to this province must visit to relax. There are clean white beaches stretching along many islands. And rich in underwater coral reefs There are also dozens of villages in the village. The charm of this island is The beauty of nature and the peaceful atmosphere Suitable for those who want to escape the chaos to charge the battery. Recharge true life power

Kampong Island
Is an archipelago in the area of Laem Son National Park Which behind the island is a beach that curves to form a circle in the north-south direction. It is a beautiful view point. Under the atmosphere surrounded by crystal clear water White beach

Bat Island
Bat Island is home to thousands of bats. Considered to be the most beautiful island in Ranong. Because there are fine white sand beaches Around the island can dive and see coral in both shallow and deep water.

Hot spring - Raksawarin garden
The hot springs here occur in the most famous nature of Ranong. There are 3 ponds, the Father Pond, the Mae Bo and the pond. Each pond has a temperature of about 65 degrees Celsius, thus making the hot mineral water from here useful. In the treatment of health

Ratanarangsan Palace
This magnificent palace was built as a memorial to His Highness in Ranong Province, the King of the Three Kings, King Rama V, King Rama V, King Rama VI, and King Rama VII. In the head of the reign of King Rama VII, made of teak wood and Takianthong wood And there are things that are displayed in this place

Two-color grass mountain
It is a mountain that does not have a large tree, but the grass is covered with mountains. During the dry season, the grassy mountains turn into gold. During the rainy season, it turns green. In addition, you can go up to see the view in the high angle, with a hill-oriented path as well.




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