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Songkhla Old Town
Located in the city district There are 3 important roads to walk to, namely Nakorn Road, Nakorn Nai Road and Nang Ngam Road. Tourists can enjoy taking pictures with Street Art images, with full style. At the same time, tourists still enjoy the beautiful architecture. That reflects the history of Songkhla people Both Chinese wooden row houses Classic Sino-Portuguese style building

Ton Nga Chang Waterfall
Located in Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Reserve Reputed to be one of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls in the south Consists of 7 waterfalls, including Tanaban, Ton Pliew, Ton Nga ivory, Ton Dam, Ton Nam release, Ton Ruesi Khoi Bo And Tonmed Shun But the waterfall layer, which is noted for its beauty, is a "ivory-ivory", which is the layer where the waterfall flows to meet two lines Looks great And still see the beautiful scenery around and walking up to this waterfall Travelers should use caution. Because the path is quite steep and slippery

Two seas
 Is a park Located in Songkhla municipality The attraction here is the point between Songkhla Lake and the Gulf of Thailand. When looking around Visitors will find beautiful scenery. As well as met with the art of the Naga Beautiful with beautiful engraved patterns It is popular with both Thai and foreign tourists who often come to shoot a lot of pictures. There is also a water sports center. And a multipurpose yard for activities

Sakom Beach
One of the famous beaches of Thepha District, Songkhla Province, because it is a relatively quiet beach. And there are not many tourists And still fills with the livelihoods of villagers and local fisheries So we still see the fishing boats of both the small and large vessels. Both sailed in the sea and parked along the coast along the beach This place is like a place to relax. And doing various activities like chilling

Samila Beach
Arrived in Songkhla Will not miss to check in here, it seems that it will not come to Songkhla. With a symbol of a mermaid statue The beach here is known as white. With shady pine forest When the eyes spread out Will be able to see the beautiful scenery of Ko Ko Ko Cat. The atmosphere around Samila Beach can be called quiet. Including fun with water activities such as banana boat, jet ski and sailing etc. Don't worry about safety Because there are officers to look after

He glazed
Located in Songkhla town, near Samila Beach. Looks like a high hill Which tourists can see the view of Songkhla city around At the top is the enshrined Chedi Phra That Khu Mueang, Songkhla. Which was built in the Kingdom of Nakhon Si Thammarat By King Rama V, King Rama IV gave royal money To be a capital for restoration And in December 1996, His Majesty the King Bhumibol Oblong Lai Dej, King Rama IX, presented the relics of the Lord Buddha in the pagoda. Again in October of every year There will be a ceremony to cover the pagoda. And the tradition of offering food to Devo And dragging the monks of Songkhla as well



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