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Phupha Phet Cave
Let's start with the first place. "Phu Pha Phet Cave", the largest cave in Thailand And the 4th largest in the world, located in Palm Pattana Sub-district, Manang District, Satun Province. When traveling inside the cave, you will find a spacious hall with high ceilings filled with stalagmites and stalactites that still have water droplets. And when impacting the light, it will shine beautifully And each room is divided according to the characteristics of the landforms found in 20 rooms, such as "The Diamond Curtain Room", which looks like a curtain hanging, a serpent room with stalagmites like a serpent or a serpent. in the sea

Satun National Museum Guden Mansion
Satun National Museum Or Guden mansion Located on Satun Thani Road Soi 5, opposite to Satun Provincial Land Office, built in 1898 by Phraya Phumnakarakdee Or Tuan Gubaharud, Din Bin Tam Ngong (formerly Guden Bin Kuma), Chao Satun, in the reign of King Rama V Completed in 1916
For this mansion, originally built to be the residence of King Chulalongkorn When he traveled to the southern part of Thailand, but did not stay And used to be a house and town hall, Satun Until the Second World War, this building was used as the headquarters of the Japanese military. Later in the year 1997-2000, the Fine Arts Department renovated the Guden mansion. Is a 2 storey brick building in the western style, combining Thai style Arched windows and doors in European architecture Thai style hip roof, using clay tiles, banana leaf shape The pane is a small piece of wood in a horizontal scale. Top air ducts, decorated with stars in accordance with Islamic architecture.

Khai Island
"Khai Island" is a beautiful natural identity that has become a symbol of Satun that is "stone arch". The large size can walk through. With the belief that the young man who had passed through this stone arch would get married During the Valentine's Day festival every year Satun province will also arrange for marriage registration for the newlyweds at Ko Khai kiosks.

Hin Ngam Island
"Koh Hin Ngam", a small tourist attraction to the south of the island of Adang That is characterized by a beach that is full of round black stones Which has beautiful patterns Small, large, different When hit by a wave, the stone will be shiny The area in the middle of the island is rich with green forests. It is also believed that every stone has the curse of Chao Por Tarutao. If anyone takes it, there will be a disaster.

Bulon Island
Bulon Island is one of the islands of Petra National Park. Away from Pak Bara Pier, La-ngu district, about 22 kilometers. The nature of Bulon Island is a small island with a clean and soft white sandy beach. Can swim and watch the coral from the beach side On some islands there are green pine trees. Intersect with white sand and beautiful blue sea Bulon Island still has traditional residents living Tourists will also experience the way of life of the sea people as well. Tourists can board the boat at Pakbara Pier. There are boats every day.

Khao Yai Island
Sea Limestone In the area of the Petra Islands National Park About 10 kilometers from the coast of the park office and away from Pakbara Pier Only about 3-5 kilometers only The specialness is when the water is reduced to be able to pass through the rock to see the beauty of "Prasat Hin Phan Yot", the most amazing miracle of nature created by the erosion of the rainwater. Until it became a spiky stone bar, a beautiful shape similar to that of a fairy tale castle The villagers therefore called the castle of Phan Phan Yod. It is also a geological area. Fossils found over 480 million years old. Villagers in neighboring communities and the Petra archipelago national park. As well as related agencies, therefore supporting tourism in a conservative manner



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