Surat Thani

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Surat Thani

Surat Thani

Suspension bridge, Wat Khao Phang
Located before the entrance to the Chiew Lan Dam. Beside Wat Khao Phang Across Pha Saeng canal Is another popular spot for people who love photography Because you will see the beautiful backdrop of the hill of Thepitak Or his heart shape Said that it is more beautiful than the description It is also a place where tourists can admire the beautiful sunset as well. The evening atmosphere here is beautiful and romantic.

Tham Khao Na National Park
Located at Ton Yuan Subdistrict, Phanom District, is the location of the floating sky pagoda. Silavadee Buddha And containing the relics Located on a limestone mountain peak, almost 300 meters above the ground, and every year on the New Year's holiday This place will be filled with the number of people traveling to the mountains. Pay respect to worship For the prosperity of life Towards both yourself and your family Including admiring the beautiful architecture that is equally interesting

Pha Daeng Waterfall Cave
Located in Khlong Noi Subdistrict, Chai Buri District, a wonderful natural attraction The highlight of the tour of the cave, Pha Daeng Waterfall is at admiring the beauty. That makes us thrilled with the strange shapes of stalagmites and stalactites Including the rocky appearance that is like a large curtain in the center of the cave This point is considered an important point for tourists to take a lot of pictures. It is considered to be an unseen tourist destination of Surat Thani which should not be missed.

Boat trip to watch fireflies at Khlong Roi Sai.
If you are a nature tourism lover The visit to the Roi Et Canal is probably the most visited destination in Surat Thani. The charm of this place is on a bird watching cruise along the river. Including the way of life of the villagers that are bound to the river separately Do not miss watching the fireflies at night. Even if that night didn't rain Guarantee that you will see the absolute beauty Or can sleep overnight in a chilling homestay can do Interested in cruising in the canal during the daytime. Or cruise to watch fireflies in the evening

Wat Nam Ra Forest
Located at Moo 4, Ban Nam Rad Subdistrict, Ban Thamniap Sub-district Khiri Rat Nikhom District Is an area of abundant and beautiful watershed forest with "water eyes" being the heart of this watershed forest The water that sprang from the ground flowed under the mountain, passing through to the spot called the water eye. Which is pure water and the villagers believe that it is a holy pond Tourists can go swimming and boating. To appreciate the beauty of the swamp forest At the same time, tourists should also strictly follow the rules. To preserve the beauty of this tourist attraction

Sand Mountain Mine Sheep
Located in the area of the sheep mining village, Na San Subdistrict, Ban Na San District The beauty of this tourist attraction lies in the scenic beauty of the low-altitude sand sculptures. Looks like a masterpiece of artistic style Wrong, but nature has created this beauty for human beings Amidst the lush green forest atmosphere Very comfortable and quiet sewing.



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