Nature and ecotourism

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Nature and ecotourism

Nature Study Center and Mangrove Forest Conservation
For ecological tourism, Chonburi

At this nature center With an area of over 300 rai, although the area is smaller than others But here there is a natural route, the longest wooden bridge in Thailand, with a length of 2,300 meters. Throughout the route, we will enjoy the diversity. And the beautiful nature of the mangrove forest, which is also considered to be very important Because it is a mangrove forest with natural abundance The last piece of Chonburi province Know this Must not miss to stop by to help each other.

Kung Krabaen Bay Development Study Center
Due to the royal initiative

Go to stroll on the classic bridge. That is surrounded by the mangrove forests of Kung Krabaen Bay Another beautiful tourist destination In Chanthaburi province That is guaranteed to be close to nature and fertility With a wooden bridge, 1.6 km of natural education route, which along the way, we will find the shady of various species of plants And small animals Mangrove forest Importantly, there is also a corner to take a photo. Take it back to show off your friends too.

Thung Prong Thong

Conserving nature Ready to take beautiful pictures together at Thung Prong Thong, the mangrove forest that is considered the largest mangrove forest in Rayong province. With an area of over 6,000 rai and more than 2 km of nature trails that everyone will enjoy with tens of thousands of trees. When the sun hits Will become a beautiful golden field Is a beautiful shooting angle And still have a kindergarten for aquatic animals Waiting for tourists to get in touch closely

Sirindhorn International Environmental Park

International learning and natural resources According to the royal initiative, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn For the mangrove nature study route here It can be said that there is no abundance in other places. Because it is full of various kinds of plants Is a living place for aquatic animals If lucky, they will find a variety of birds as well. Tourists can walk and watch the forest plantation Release the aquatic animals along the path. Or can change the atmosphere with kayaking along the river as well

Mangrove, Thung Kha Bay
Chumphon Islands National Park

Mangrove, Thung Kha Bay Is the most complete and beautiful mangrove forest in Thailand The nature trail of the mangrove forest here is a wooden bridge stretching into the bay. Shady with the shadow of the Lampang tree Mangrove trees, both small leaves and large leaves And besides the natural route Visitors can also take a boat to watch the surrounding ecosystems. Or see the beauty of various islands In the Chumphon Islands as well Went only once, but was able to experience the full nature


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