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Quaint, multicultural Chanthaburi is a feast for the senses. It’s a bit of a slog from Bangkok – a four-to-five-hour bus or minivan ride from Ekkamai’s eastern bus terminal – but the at once bustling and yet relaxed, provincial feel to the city is ample reward in itself.

Stroll past crumbling French colonial shophouses along the green-feeling stretch of Chanthaburi’s old town that backs onto the city’s attractive riverfront, or walk the streets and gawk at gem traders who are themselves peering down microscopes at precious stones. And witness the peaceful cultural and religious mash-up that this place is known for, as Muslims heading to and from prayers at the mosque cross paths with parades of monks in their bright orange robes; just down the road, take a glimpse at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Food is good here, too. Like its eastern compatriot Rayong, Chanthaburi is renowned around Thailand for its top-quality fruit, and this is also the birthplace of the eponymous noodles that are a crucial ingredient in the most puritanical renditions of classic pad thai. Another consequence of Chanthaburi’s multiculturalism is that you’ll also find a number of restaurants run by local Muslim families, dishing up delicious curries, biryanis and other specialities hailing from Thailand’s Muslim-majority deep south.

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