Prachin Buri

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Prachin Buri

Khao Thung, Prachin Buri Province
Khao Thung has an area in Khao Yai National Park, Nadi District, Prachinburi Province, not far from Kaeng Hin Phloeng. There is a landscape of grassland plains on the hilltop of his wall. At the end of Khao Yai Making it possible to see the beautiful and panoramic view. It is considered one of Khao Yai's most scenic spots, especially during the winter season. There will be cool weather and foggy layers. Looks very beautiful. Therefore making this place at Thung Thung has been named "Phukradueng of the East", which would not be strange if you see yourself. That makes this Thung Thung a favorite spot for many tourists in the winter. Because without having to wade through the north, the atmosphere is like the northern region In addition, it is considered to be the place where fresh air, ozone ranked 7th in the world.

Thap Lan National Park, Prachin Buri Province
Thap Lan National Park Is a national park in the northeast There is an area covering Pak Thong Chai District. Wang Nam Khiao District, Khon Buri District, Soeng Sang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province and Na Di District, Prachin Buri Province The forest condition is abundant and there is a courtyard forest. Which is hard to find with only certain areas With a natural courtyard Is the source of rivers, streams and beautiful nature such as waterfalls, cliffs and valleys, which is the second largest national park in Thailand Secondary from Khao Yai National Park on 14 July 2005, Khao Yai Thap Lan National Park, Pang Sida Ta Phraya and Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary Has been declared as "Natural World Heritage" from UNESCO Under the group name "Dong Phaya Yen - Khao Yai"

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