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Kanchanaburi is only a couple of hours north-west of Bangkok and, for a more pleasant and memorable journey, it’s easily reached by train from the capitals Thonburi railway station. Hiding yourself away with a book and a hammock on a picturesque raft house along the River Khwae is a fabulous way to spend a weekend of seclusion in Kanchanaburi, whether you do it from the touristy Maenam Road in Kanchanaburi city itself or instead opt for one of the truly secluded and undeniably stunning out-of-town spots.

Kanchanaburi is also a notoriously inexpensive place to holiday, with everything from its dirt-cheap accommodation options to bars selling shots of local (branded) whisky for as little as 10 baht plotting to keep you in the province for longer than you had planned.

How to get to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok
There are frequent minivan and air-conditioned bus departures for Kanchanaburi from Bangkok’s northern Mo Chit terminal and southern Sai Tai Mai terminal. Alternatively, take one of the two daily departures by local, fan-cooled train from Bangkok’s Thonburi railway station (note that non-Thais are charged a flat rate of 100 baht for the journey on this route, while the fare for Thai nationals between Thonburi and Kanchanaburi is 25 baht). On weekends, you can also catch an excursion train to Kanchanaburi that leaves in the early morning from Bangkok’s main Hualamphong railway station. It returns the same evening, but you can easily skip the return leg if you’re planning on spending a few nights in Kanchanaburi.


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