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Cha-am beach in Phetchaburi province, Thailand - photo by Joe deSousa

Though it’s still further north than Hua Hin or Prachuap Kiri Khan proper, Phetchaburi province is arguably the point on your journey from Bangkok that you begin to get a taste for the flavours of southern Thailand, as the landscape begins to transform and the vibe slowly changes.

Phetchaburi is a low-key, non-touristy and historically significant city and province, and also one that’s great for foodies – it has a strong food game going on all round, but it’s especially famous for its collection of sweet treats like kanom mor gaeng custard-based dessert and khao dtang crispy pork-based crackers.

The hilltop royal palace of Khao Wang, officially known as Phra Nakhon Kiri Historical Park, is among Phetchaburi’s most picturesque attractions and definitely worth a visit, while beaches like Had Chao Samran (and even Cha-am, towards the south of the province) mean Phetchaburi also delivers for beach-lovers.

How to get to Phetchaburi from Bangkok
13 trains run from Bangkok’s Hualamphong station to Phetchaburi each day, with a journey time of around four to five hours. Buses and minivans run from both the northern Mo Chit and southern Sai Tai Mai terminals in Bangkok to Phetchaburi, taking around three hours.


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