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Tak Province

Thee Lor Su Waterfall
Where to visit
Tak's famous tourist destination Located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary Is a large limestone waterfall Caused by the Huai Krueng Tho River, both lines that spread over a wide cliff area. Before descending into a steep cliff that is over 300 meters high, surrounded by a fertile rainforest During the rainy season, it is the most beautiful waterfall. But tourists need to be careful when traveling as well. Which must be approved by Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary before every time (For more information on Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Tel. 055 511 142)

Water in the pot

Where to visit
Located on Doi Sam Mu mountain range, Umphang district is a large waterfall about 500 meters high. It is a beautiful waterfall. And is the highest waterfall that can be The nature of the waterfall is a stream flowing through a large rock cliff. The highlight of the waterfall is the waterfall that flows from the left and the right into a large V shape. Until the white curtain looked like a heart


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